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The individual who makes the investment selection is considered a plan fiduciary. There can be more than one plan fiduciary for a given plan. Fiduciaries are responsible for: (1) acting solely in the best interest of plan participants and beneficiaries. (2) acting exclusively for the purpose of providing plan benefits to participants. (3) following the “prudent person” standard. (4) acting in accordance with the plan documents.

Fiduciary standards related to plan investments include:

(1) developing a statement of investment policy (2) diversifying plan assets. (3) monitoring investment performance (4) monitoring and controlling investment expenses (5) deciding on investment with skill, care and prudence.

A breach of fiduciary duties can result in a large fine.

A participant could potentially sue a plan fiduciary for the poor investment performance or losses in his account. However, employers who comply with the 404(c) regulations, may reduce their potential liability.

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